Don’t cancel your fundraiser.

Don’t cancel your presentation. 

Don’t cancel your event. 





Our Fort Lauderdale studios are state of the art and allow you to professionally present yourself online to entertain, engage and inspire your audience.  Events, meetings, fundraisers and gatherings of all kinds can be accomplished virtually whether in-studio, on location or through one of the many popular conferencing programs such as Webex or Zoom.

It’s the best possible alternative to being there! Don’t sacrifice the quality of your event – go virtual the professional way!

How does it work?

You and/or your presenters, experts or entertainers put together a virtual program with our production expertise.  Our studios are available for a small number of people following social distancing guidelines and include a state of the art teleprompter system so you’ll never be at a loss for words.  

Some of your experts, entertainers or presenters aren’t local or don’t want to come into the studio?  They can be included live from anywhere in the world. This might give you the opportunity to include people in your program that would never otherwise be available to be on location at your event.

We produce a professional program with graphics, music and transitions that will wow your audience. We can do it live or pre-tape the event. You can choose the platform your program will appear on with typical examples being Facebook, Youtube and your website.

Making a Virtual Impact Across the Globe

We will promote your virtual event to your online audience to maximize your exposure when it comes time to GO LIVE! 

You have the option of allowing your audience to interact by asking live questions or making comments that you and your team can respond to LIVE.

Don’t let fears of large public gatherings slow the momentum of your company, organization or non-profit.  Try a proven method of reaching your audience virtually!

Lightship will guide you through the process, make it easy and even fun!

On Demand

Virtual presentations allow users and attendees to see your program on-demand after the event

Virtual Interaction

Virtual presentations allow users and attendees to interact with presenters with questions and comments

High Quality

Each production is designed with state of the art video technology by experienced producers. that cannot be accomplished with just a computer on Zoom.

Insight Reports

Virtual presentations allow you to capture attendee information and get engagement insight reports

Share Videos

Virtual presentations allow you share engagement rich content such as video

About Lightship Studios

Lightship Studios has been producing large scale productions including events and national televisions specials for more than 20 years. We understand how to promote you and to inspire your audience of potential customers or supporters. Our production experience means that your virtual meeting or event will grab your customers attention and keep them engaged.

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